Elite account package

Exclusive services and products in one package!


Dinar and foreign currency account

Elite Care Health Care Program

Mastercard Gold credit card

Unique and free 24/7 services

SberbankOnline electronic services

Good morning savings


Elite account package offers you many benefits:

  • Mastercard debit card for withdrawing cash at ATMs and paying at all outlets in the country and abroad with the Mastercard
  • Free cash withdrawal by Mastercard debit card at ATMs of all banks in the country
  • Mastercard Gold credit card, free of monthly membership fees, including family travel insurance and assistance (payment of loss in case of loss / delay of flight and loss / theft of luggage)
  • A more favorable exchange rate for the purchase of the Euro through Sberbank Online
  • No commission for all Sberbank Online transactions in the amount of up to RSD 300.000
  • No commission for loro remittances
  • Elite Care - an exclusive benefit program for you and your immediate family members at MediGroup Health Centers
  • 24/7 services: Your friend on the road, your repairman and your doctor online
  • Good morning savings - the possibility of overnight savings and interest rates on the daily level, every morning
  • Sber X: Change - the ability to trade real-time currency pairs
  • Special savings and lending conditions

Elite account package can be opened in the nearest Sberbank branch since October 23, 2017.

Additional benefits

Enjoy unique and always available 24/7 services for free.


Your friend on the road

Did your car break on the road? Your friend on the road will come to site and repair your vehicle to continue the journey. In the event that the on-site repair is not possible, a towing service of up to 300 km will be organized. The service of your friend on the road covers the expenses of going to the site, performing repair on the road (two repairs annually) and the cost of towing service (twice a year).

Your repairman

Do you need urgent interventions at home? Certified and reliable technicians are at your disposal. They will solve the problem in the shortest possible time, whether it is a failure on electrical or plumbing installations. Your technician's service covers the costs of the technicians' visit to the site and the repair work.

Your doctor online

Do you need a doctor's advice? Looking for information about emergency services, pharmacies or nearby clinics? A general practitioner on duty is always available to you on the phone for all questions and advice.

Rules on the terms of use

If you become an Elite Account User, you do not pay a monthly maintenance of the Mastercard Gold credit card!