Elite Care

Exclusive Health Care Program for Elite Account Package Users


Superior private health service

Numerous discounts and benefits


In cooperation with MediGroup, the largest private healthcare system in the country, we have provided better health services for you and your family. With the special card you receive under the Elite package, you have the possibility to use the Elite Care program under special conditions at MediGroup Health Centers:

  • 80% discount to the annual physical examination, as well as to an unlimited number of checks of your choice: general practitioner, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, physiatrist, internist and ORL specialist
  • Free vaccine service

We also provided more favorable checks for your child up to 18 years of age:

  • 80% discount to an unlimited number of checks of your choice: for pediatrician, physiotherapist, ORL specialist and ophthalmologist

And there is also a 10% discount on services outside the Elite Care program, for you and your immediate family members:

  • Specialist checks, diagnostic procedures, therapies and laboratory analyzes


You can use the Elite Care Card in the following MediGroup health centers:

  • Dorćol, Cara Dušana 58
  • Vračar, Makenzijeva 57
  • Zvezdara, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 294
  • Banovo Brdo, Visoka 16
  • Zemun, Pariske komune 26
  • Novi Beograd, Narodnih heroja 38, Jurija Gagarina 14
  • Novi Sad, Balzakova 44

For more information on MediGroup services, visit www.medigroup.rs or call the MediGroup Call Center: 011/40 40 100.