Mastercard Gold

All you need in one card!


Credit limit up to € 10,000 in RSD counter value

Benefits and discounts in the Mastercard Elite program

Free family travel health insurance


  • Facilitates everyday shopping
  • Purchasing in the country and around the world at more than 32 million outlets marked with Mastercard, as well as secure payment via the Internet using the Mastercard Secure Code
  • Credit limit up to EUR 10.000 in RSD counter value*
  • Benefits and discounts within Mastercard Elite program Elite program
  • Includes family travel insurance (valid in all countries in Europe for basic card users and immediate family members and covers a total of 183 days a year) and additional assistance: ski risk, loss/theft of luggage and loss/delay of flight
  • Free entrance for card users to business clubs at Nikola Tesla airports, Sky and JET clubs of Vienna airport, as well as at the airport in Sarajevo. More information:
  • Free SMS notifications for each transaction executed
  • No monthly fee for using the card if you opt for the Elite account package. Otherwise, the monthly fee is 400 dinars.
  • Possibility to issue additional cards with a monthly fee of 400 dinars

*According to the middle exchange rate of the NBS on the day of submitting the application