Refinancing loan

Combine all loan installments and relieve your budget


Maximum loan amount up to RSD 3,000,000

Repayment period up to 96 months

Fixed installment in the first 36 months

Combine all obligations into one

No participation and deposits

Insurance against unforeseen circumstances

Review of terms

  • We know very well that our clients manage their financial resources more easily and economically if all of the obligations are combined into one loan. Refinance all liabilities from other banks by loans, credit cards and allowed overdrafts, with a repayment period of up to 96 months, without participation and deposits with a fixed interest rate of up to 36 months and a maximum amount of up to RSD 3,000,000
  • Repayment period up to 96 months
  • Maximum loan amount up to RSD 3,000,000
  • Income load up to 50%
  • Nominal interest rate of 10.95% fixed in the first 36 months, after that period of 7.5% + 3m Belibor
  • If the client opts for a variable interest rate loan, the nominal interest rate is formed as a sum of 6.05% + 3m Belibor
  • The refinancing loan includes insurance against unforeseen circumstances on the basis of:

- termination of employment

- unemployment due to technological surplus

- disability

- death due to an accident

  • The interest rate is increased by 1% if the client opts for a loan without insurance.
  • Securing loans for refinancing via an administrative ban and a client's promissory  note.
  • If the company in which you are employed has a contract on transferring earnings with our Bank, you also acquire the right at a lower interest rate for a refinancing loan in the amount of 1%.