Payment Super Card

The more you use it, the more you benefit!


Up to 12 installments without interest and fees

Shop and take cash in installments without interest

Collect Super Card PointsNumerous benefits and discounts in the Super Partner card network

Deferred payment up to 45 days without interest

Payment of obligations by card and at the cash desk

Description of the product

Join thousands of satisfied customers and enter today into the world of numerous benefits and savings in everyday shopping!

Payment Super Card is a unique payment card in our market. It is part of the Super Card of Loyalty Program and at the same time it allows payments across the country and the world. It offers numerous benefits to its users:

  • Payment up to 12 monthly installments in all Mercator S (IDEA, RODA, Mercator) and  Intersport stores *
  • Purchase in 3, 6 or 12 installments without interest at all other points of sale in the country **
  • Cash withdrawal and deferred payment up to  45 days without interest at over 32 million outlets and ATMs around the world with a label MasterCard;
  • Winning up to 3 times more points in the Super Partner card network. See more about the scoring system here.
  • Collecting points for shopping outside the Super Card program, both in the country and abroad - with each payment you will achieve a savings of 0.5% that will be returned to you through the points you earn at the end of the accounting period if you go beyond the defined reward limit at Sberbank.
  • Contactless payment - This technology allows you to quickly and easily make payment by placing a card to a marked PayPass reader *** at sales points.
  • Optional insurance Safe repayment - insurance of repayments in case of accidental loss of employment, insolvency of legal successors, sick leave, serious illness and disability. You are insured during the entire term of the card, and you pay only a monthly fee of 0.69% of the remainder of the debt if you have a card debt. Example: the rest of the debt is 20,000 dinars, the monthly fee is 138 dinars.
  • Monthly membership fee = RSD 199 and free of charge with Simply current account and Super account

*Valid until 31.10.2017. It does not apply to the IDEA Internet Store.

** The installment purchase fee is 5% of the transaction amount (min. 400 RSD) and it is charged on a one-time basis with the first installment.

*** For amounts up to 1500 dinars, you will not need to enter your PIN, while for larger amounts for security reasons you are required to enter your PIN in addition to the card placing to the reader.

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